Thomas Frank

My name is Thomas Frank and I'm a co-founder of Radiant Web Design. When I started middle school, I discovered HTML and began creating my own web pages. Now, after a few years, I've decided to market my skills.

For years I wondered what I wanted to do. As a junior in high school I found my passion in business and entrepreneurship as well as in web design. The combination led me to start this company. I love the opportunity to do something creative that also builds my professional skills.

My current web developing skills include a broad knowledge of XHTML and web standards as well as a solid understanding of CSS. I also have skills in Javascript programming and graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. I am self taught in all aspects of web design, and I have a love for learning that will keep me studying new techniques to advance my skills.

I'm an ardent supporter of the open source community, and alongside professional applications I enjoy using free programs for my work. Open, GIMP, Paint.Net, Inkscape, Nvu, and Audacity are some of my favorites.

Aside from web design, my interests range from photography to videography to weightlifing.