Radiant Web Design is a web design company based out of Ankeny, Iowa. We offer eye-catching web solutions to small business owners, churches, and individuals at a great price. That's what sets us apart - we provide you with a service that won't make you go bankrupt. Radiant Web Design operates under a code of ethics that guarantees your satisfaction. When you do business with us, you can be sure you're in for a great result. We strive not only to make money, but to built a solid reputation as the best and friendliest web service company around. We are also commited to teaching what we know to others. In addition to our online services, we offer computer education classes to people in our area. In the future, we will expand our company so we can teach on a broader range.

Radiant's mission statement: To offer eye-catching website design solutions to small businesses, churches, and individuals at a great price. We strive to build a lasting relationship with our customers and to create 100% satisfaction. We are also commited to offering computer education services to anyone willing to learn.

Our company began operations in May of 2009. It is run by Thomas Frank and supported by programmer Adam Shannon.