Advanced Site Package

A step up from our Basic package, the Advanced package doubles the number of pages you can have on your site. Web standards-compliant XHTML and CSS will be used as always, and all design decisions are up to you.

Our development process starts with either an in-person or over the phone meeting with you to get your ideas on how you want your site to look. Every detail is taken into account, from the background image to the logo to all the text. Then we collect all images and text needed to create the site. Finally, we design and code the site, presenting it to you at the end for final approval. Any changes you want to make can be made.

Although this package offers double the web pages that our Basic package offers, the price is not double. At only $500, why not order the Advanced package and double the size of your site? In addition to this package, you can get custom graphic design if you don't already have the images you want. Take a look around this site and our others to see what we can do with graphics. Finally, if you need to have the text on your site typed, we can take care of that for an extra $50.